About Us

Entrepreneurial Spirit

About Us

Who is Giant Oil?

Giant Oil is a multi-branded, multi-state petroleum distributor and retailer of general merchandise to the public through convenience store outlets. Currently, we operate locations in Florida and Ohio but continue to expand our business as we acquire new markets.

How it Began

Giant’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to sustain growth, both on the wholesale and retail market, building upon the vision of Basem Ali, founder and owner of the company. A venture in the real estate market in 1995 began the journey which has resulted in Giant becoming a multi-branded, multi-state petroleum jobber. Click Here to learn more about our history.

Where we are Going

Times have changed and our industry has experienced some of the biggest. In today’s environment it’s no longer enough to react to market conditions; we must be proactive to succeed. And Giant is doing just that. Giant implemented its dealer and commission marketer’s compensation programs, along with the best brand partnerships the industry has to offer. Giant has fast tracked pricing and invoicing with our in-house internet website and is moving forward with site upgrade programs such as LED price signs. We also have the resources for advertising and special event promotions at our sites.

More Info

Giant's belief in protecting and preserving our architectural inheritance led to a several year project in renovating a historic building north of Downtown Tampa.

Recent News

Giant continues to expand on its vision on being a one-stop shop. Giant has just rolled out its complete Beverage Program known as B Fly Cafe in 2014.

Giant Oil is continuing to acquire new sites throughout its territories and beyond.