Comprehensive Training


We believe that training is essential in maintaining a good reputation and keeping a safe working environment for our employees, customers and consumers. We strive to make sure that each individual has the skills to handle any emergency and to ensure that all situations are responded to and resolved with the utmost care.

In addition to the training that each business owner receives when they decide to lease one of our locations, they are also required to watch and complete the virtual training, as well as a three day in-class training program. This comprehensive training provides a broad view and understanding of underground storage tank operations at gas stations, how to market and merchandise, outlines all of Giant's procedures and protocols, inventory methods, best practices and more. The program was developed for owners that are new to the business and has plenty of good information for those that have been running convenience stores and gas stations for years.

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Training is required for all of our New Commission Marketers to help get their best foot forward.

Recent News

Giant continues to expand on its vision on being a one-stop shop. Giant has just rolled out its complete Beverage Program known as B Fly Cafe in 2014.

Giant Oil is continuing to acquire new sites throughout its territories and beyond.