Green and Yellow


BP is one of the largest oil companies in the world. BP continues to lead the pack with their ingenious technology in the effort to stay green and be green. Not only is BP in the business of providing fuel for vehicles, but they also are in the business of producing energy, retail services, and petrochemicals for ordinary items such as motor oil or asphalt.

Throughout 2009, BP will be celebrating 100 YEARS in the petroleum industry, a success that is well-deserved. The company is continuing its drive to maintain its stake in the petroleum industry by using the same motivation and spirit that began the journey of this #4 Ranked Global 500 Company.

Giant is extremely proud of the ties we have with BP. Our relationship with BP is definitely one to reckon with. We have been one of the largest jobbers for BP for several years now and continue to maintain an industry standard for our sites, ranking amongst the top of their jobbers with their Helios 100 Program. They have undoubtedly been a major contribution to our success by believing in our capabilities to maintain the standards of their brand. This was originally displayed through the award of several stations throughout the Florida market and again with the award of several markets in Ohio.

Here at Giant we firmly believe in great connections with great companies and BP is a true representation of this conviction.

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Visit BP's website to learn more about their company and their business: www.bp.com

Recent News

Giant continues to expand on its vision on being a one-stop shop. Giant has just rolled out its complete Beverage Program known as B Fly Cafe in 2014.

Giant Oil is continuing to acquire new sites throughout its territories and beyond.