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Marathon® is based in Houston, Texas and they have seen major milestones throughout their history, growth, and development. A part of their history even stems from John D. Rockefeller's Standard Ohio Oil Trust Company. They have developed a determined company with an enormous vision and continue to make strides in the petroleum and energy industry. Marathon's corporate profile consists of exploration and production, refining, marketing, transportation, oil sands mining, and integrated gas. Their company has a long standing and stable history that dates back over 122 years.

Marathon Station Marathon® and Giant have many core values that we share, which is why they are a partner with Giant Oil. Marathons believes firmly in the integrity of their company, honesty of their representatives and employees, and
outstanding performance on any task that they participate in. At Giant, we believe that these standards of operation and the image that Marathon® exudes compliment that which we have to offer. We are a proud partner of Marathon Oil.

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Giant continues to expand on its vision on being a one-stop shop. Giant has just rolled out its complete Beverage Program known as B Fly Cafe in 2014.

Giant Oil is continuing to acquire new sites throughout its territories and beyond.